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Kishore Kumar. Marwari from Khajwana, Rajasthan, called KK by my wife and friends. I speak Tamil with fluency and pride, while I speak the Marwari dialect among family members. BTW Marwari has no written script. I live, eat, breathe and in between have fun with Chess, gadgets and Books. I love designing websites when I am free. Of late I seem to have developed a paunch so am sub-consciously asking the ‘Existence’ for help in reducing that tummy.

I take passion in anything I do and do only those things that I am passionate about (nice punch line?). I am ever eager to cook lunch and love to go out for movies. I make great Ginger Tea and make masala veg side dish that tastes differently every time I do, with gusto. I love playing with kids. My latest passion is Osho.

Here’s a thousand more words about me:

About Me






No “about me” page is complete without a mention of my lovely wife Ranjana, who is my inspiration, fascination, supportation, and occasionally, mild irritation (and vice versa). I have two wonderful children who help me with all things technical (in return for pocket money of course) and I’m hoping to get them all to be regular guest contributors to this site and eventually make this a joint family effort.

The purpose of this blog is to satisfy my personal desire to pen down my experiences by way of recipes and blog posts. I hope to encourage the male members to learn the art of cooking – it will leave you brimming with humility, appreciation and respect for women who have been feeding us for so many millennia silently and with no words of complaint.

Moreover you will get to create your own touch in your recipes. Your experience will form a pattern recognition while attempting different cuisines and you will get the full picture. Small subtleties will emerge. And these small subtleties will add up when you are involved in decision making.

Then  cooking will become an art.

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